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The team at Digital Jumpstart fully appreciates the challenges of building a team and scale an operation. Our founders have always used apprenticeship services when recruiting entry level positions and we recommend that our clients to do.

Apprenticeships provide maximum return on investment since much of the recruitment and training costs is covered by the associated funding. We fully believe that apprenticeships are the most efficient and cost effective way to build a team, that’s why we’ve partnered with The MCG Group and Sixth Sense Training.


sixth sense training are our preferred providers.

Sixth Sense Training provides a variety of Digital Apprenticeships to ensure that your admin, sales, marketing, IT, and operational functions can be fulfilled.

the MCG Group

nationwide recuitment services

Sixth Sense is a part of the MCG Group, a nationwide recruitment agency covering a wide range of sectors. Click 'enquire' to learn more, or talk to us about about recruiting senior roles using our recommended agency.

Sixth Sense project

global talent sourcing

Looking to fill a specialist role with only the very top talent? Toptal is an exclusive network of freelance software developers, designers, finance experts, product managers, and project managers. If you need a high level job done right, check out Toptal.

training & upskilling.

If you’re not ready to implement an official internal training programme, we recommend Skillshare as a quick and easy way to upskill your team. With Skillshare, you can learn marketing, writing, programming, productivity and more by simply logging on and working through the online lessons in your own time and at your own pace. You can try Skillshare for free with our 30% off Skillshare link.