planning to . your business.

planning your exit

we make the m&a process simple

We have a wide network of investors and buyers who are always looking to acquire new businesses. 

We’ll help you get your company in shape, help you value you it, and then put it on the market with a dedicated outreach programme designed to find the right buyer for you. 


Selling a business isn’t as difficult as you might think. Get in touch to learn about the process and we’ll help you develop an exit strategy that suits your circumstances and goals.

is your business valuable?

find out with our free 360 discovery questionnaire

Using the form below, can get an idea of the sort of questions you will be asked of an investor or potential buyer. The questionnaire will likely also give you a deeper insight into your own business and maybe even prompt some beneficial changes. If you wish, we can use this information to provide an accurate valuation and provide advice on how you might move closer towards the successful sale of your business.

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our preferred business marketplace.
We list our businesses on Foundy because it allows us to perform the entire transaction from end-to-end. You can check out Foundy as a buyer or a seller using the link below.