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creating and sustaining manageable growth

Now that you’re ready for business, you’ll need a plan to create and sustain manageable growth. Digital Jumpstart provides tailored sales and marketing services to help achieve this goal.  Our recommended software solutions will help make growth manageable and allow you to continue driving the company forward.

When the time comes, we can offer cost effective ways to recruit and train your expanding team with government funding we have available through our trusted partners. We can even support employees who require additional support for a disability or learning difficulty.


We work with you to develop a sales process and ensure that it’s properly implemented in your business. We’ll recommend software systems that ensure the sales process is followed by your team and that gives managers actionable insights relating to the business’ sales activities.


We improve your website’s Search Engine Optimisation and recommend and manage Search Engine Marketing campaigns. We recommend marketing automation software that takes care of your website traffic and newsletters and we’ll train your team how oversee your business’ marketing activities.
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With all this new business coming in, you’ll need a way of ensure your back office and day-to-day operations runs smoothly. We can help you build out your processes and recommend software to ensure proper work management, communication, and collaboration.

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Zoho One is our recommended 'all-in-one' sales, marketing, and business operating system.

operations is our favourite work management tool for projects and admin functions.


We recommend the #1 global unified telecoms and communication platform.

growing fast?

If you’re past the initial growth stage, maybe it’s time to think about bringing in the big guns – venture capitalists or angel investors. If not, perhaps you’re looking at an exit strategy?